Class of 1960
Bill Barnett
Jack and Brenda Bradford
Virginia (Brannon) and David Will
Pete (Brotherton) Kufeld
Frank and Cynthia Collins
Carleen Davis
Carol Anne (Greene) and Bill Stephenson
Barry Hoover and Terri Guinyard
Dan and Sandra Kerns
George McEver
Donnie and Susie Oehler
Martin and Chris Oehler
Merredith (Osborne) Galvin
Candy (Ross) Crenshaw
Joyce (Stallings) and Gene Bergh
Ken and Lynn Staton (and guest, Cheryl Tart)
Sam Wilson and Deana Carlyle
Judy (Whitlow) and Larry Lance
Class of 1957
Don Hampton and Mae Davis
Class of 1958
Linda (Wilson) and Harry Smith
Class of 1961
Darlene (Brigance) and Wayne Patterson
Tom and Ann Dutton
Class of 1962
Bobby and Nina Brown
Silas and Junie Davis
Wes Hunter
Lynn and Susan Slayton
Johnny and Shelby Wallace
Class of 1978
Joyce (Smith) Untz and Nancy Mertz
Class of 1980
Neana (Smith) and David Phillips
Eddie Teeter and his wonderful Assistant/Wife, Libby